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After several demo-tapes as Scapegoat, in 1999 the band changed its name to Enemynside.
During all these years the band has built a strong reputation among insiders and fans through three studio albums, one EP and live shows, they have toured Italy and many foreign countries to promote their music.

After the 2001 promo-CD "Violent Beats", the band released their first full-lenght album "Let The Madness Begin..." in 2003 for Temple Of Noise Records/Frontiers Music..
For the promotion of the first album the band have played all around Italy and abroad as supporting act of Dismember, Enthroned, Tankard and Konkhra.
In 2006 Enemynside recorded their second studio album "In The Middle Of Nowhere" at 16th Cellar Studio with Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Hideous Divinity); it was released in 2007 for Sleazy Rider Records and re-released in 2008 through Hatestone Records/New Model Label. During these years the band toured Sweden more than once playing together with Paul Di Anno, Evergrey, All Ends, Sabaton and in 2009 as opening band for Blaze Bayley both in Sweden and Finland.

In January 2012 Enemynside had the chance to play for the first time in the U.S.A. (San Diego) for "Freedom To Rock" (Loretta Palacios/Raymond Herrera).
In the same year their third studio album "Whatever Comes" was released through Mighty Music/Target Distribution; the album has a guest solo by Richie Kotzen. From 2013 to 2016 the band went on hiatus.

In 2017 the band got back together and played live gigs with acts such as Destruction and Behemoth, while in 2018 the EP "Dead Nation Army" has been released as a preview of the full length "Chaos Machine", once again recorded at 16th Cellar Studio.



ENEMYNSIDE tour dates


11/1/2020: Traffic Club (Rome, ITALY) with National Suicide and Asphaltator
01/11/2019: Legend Club (Milan, ITALY) with Angelus Apatrida and Ural
26/10/2019: Defrag (Rome, ITALY) with Necrodeath and Shockproof
07/8/2019: Sala Utopia (Zaragoza, SPAIN) with Flotsam and Jetsam + Holycide
06/8/2019: Estudios Groove (Portugalete, SPAIN) with Flotsam and Jetsam + Holycide
05/8/2019: Porta Caeli (Valladolid, SPAIN) with Flotsam and Jetsam + Holycide
04/8/2019: Masterclub (Vigo, SPAIN) with Flotsam and Jetsam + Holycide
13/5/2019: Sala La Nau (Barcellona, SPAIN) with Exessus and Beryllium
12/5/2019: Ragnarock (Ibiza, SPAIN) with Vitrol
2/11/2018: Helvete Club (Oberhausen, GERMANY) with Necrodeath
1/11/2018: De Club "Waking The Dead Fest" (Mechelen, BELGIUM) with Necrodeath
31 Ottobre 2018: The Riveter (Nancy, FRANCE) with Necrodeath
30 Ottobre 2018: Altherax Music (Nice, FRANCE) with Necrodeath
6/7/2018: Rock'n'Roll Garden (Rome, ITALY)
17/6/2018: Wings Of Bea MetalFest (Santhią, ITALY) with Extrema and others
5/5/2018: Circus Club (Florence, ITALY)
10/12/2017: The One Metal Live (Cassano D'Adda, ITALY)
9/12/2017: Gustaf Pekarna (Maribor, SLOVENIA)
8/12/2017: MarioBar (Bjelovar, CROATIA)
27/10/2017: Rock'n'Iasi (Iasi, ROMANIA) with Destruction
7/7/2017: SirenHell 2 Festival (Terracina, ITALY)
24/6/2017: Metalhead Meeting Festival (Bucarest, ROMANIA) with Behemoth and Agnostic Front
01/6/2017: Traffic "Old School Thrash Metal Night" (Rome, ITALY)







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